Outdoor Photography

Stan Moniz/ Outdoor Photography

Outdoor Photography

You love it on Instagram—now it’s time to learn it yourself. These classes give you creative and technical direction for capturing light, land, people, and adventure.


Stop by the Sony space at 4xFAR at any time, or for a deep dive, join the classes of Sony’s Ambassador, Stan Moniz (find him on Instagram here). Stan is a published photographer with more than ten years of experience. With his infectious positive love for adventure, Stan has adapted a “nature journalist” approach to his content creation.


Versed in both photo and video, Stan has inspired others through workshops and heartfelt presentations for years now, helping to spark fire in others for the creative arts.


Twice each day at 4xFAR (once before lunch, once before sundown), Stan will host “run and gun” style photo shoots using different camera modes. You’ll learn how to capture classic shots of mountain bikers, slackliners, and the Land Rover Defender. 


After these workshops, join Stan at the Sony tent for additional questions you may. He’ll be there to answer questions about capturing video and optimizing your Sony camera to its fullest potential using custom key functions.